Student-directed Seminar for Fall 2019 (LFS 490)

Have you ever questioned the local tomatoes grown by migrant labour / the presence of campus food banks / or the demographics of food service workers? UBC students, if you’re still looking for a course to complete your time table, read on!

Two LFS students are co-leading a student-directed seminar on food justice in September 2019 to collectively unpack these questions. The seminar will be a peer-to-peer learning environment where you will explore food systems as a platform for engaging in social justice. There will be critical discussions, collaborative projects, and lots of snacking.

If you are interested in taking this seminar,

  1. Check if you are available on Tuesdays from 4:00 – 7:00pm from September to December 2019.
  2. Email or with a letter of intent containing:
    • a) experience with food systems (either academic, work or any other relevant experience)
    • b) what your understanding of food justice is
    • c) what skills, perspectives, and experiences you will bring to an active learning environment required in a student-directed seminar.
    • Wait for confirmation regarding your enrolment, and the instructors will register you in the course on the SSC.

You can view more details about the course here.

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