The Ideal Hubbards

I am hungry. As in, experiencing hunger pangs type of hungry. Where tummy growls for prolonged periods of time more than once. That kind of hungry.

I’m snacking on biscuits but what I seriously need is a sandwich or something substantial like that. Sadly, Hubbards is not open 24/7. Tear tear. If we were in a heaven that included Hubbards, it would be open any time of the day or night. And while I’m thinking wishfully, it would also have a wider variety of meals that don’t involve a microwave or a stove. Snacks are great, but real food is well-appreciated. And there would be more Asian foods in general. Like shrimp crackers/chips from Malaysia. I have two bags I brought over from HK. One is for my birthday. The other is for a rainy day (metaphorically speaking; literally would never do).

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