My Term 2 Exam Schedule

It is my fate to remain at UBC until the last minute. This calls for some excellent planning and ingenuity in terms of making sure all my belongings are moved out of residence and into my brother’s home before I get kicked out.

Saturday 19th April: English 221 (3:30-6:00)
Monday 21st April: Anthropology 100 (3:30-6:00)
Tuesday 22nd April: Chinese 213 (8:30-11:00)
Thursday 24th April: English 222 (12:00-2:30)
Tuesday 29th April: English 223 (3:30-6:00)

I am not entirely sure how to feel about it, but! at least I don’t have two exams on the same day!

And congratulations to Genevieve for winning the Two Truths, One Lie game. Would you like a Nanaimo bar?

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