Two Truths, One Lie

I went to the Reading Week orientation and a group interview for UBC Orientations (which I am sworn to secrecy, by the way, but suffice to say I don’t think it went well).

Anyway, we played a game in both of them that I really like: Two Truths, One Lie. Basically you tell two truths and say one lie, and people have to guess which one is true, so let’s play it!

First person* who correctly guesses which of the statements below is the lie gets a cookie or other small snack of their choice:

1. I have never read King Lear.

2. I collect ornamental eggs, Faberge-style.

3. I got my first rabbit when I was twelve.

*Some people cannot play this game because they know me too well. This list composes of my friends from high school, but since none of them came, anyone at UBC will probably be able to do this. 🙂

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