The Post that Lost Its Point

You know, I actually had a point when I switched on my laptop and decided to blog. My backlog of emails distracted me and I have now forgotten what that point was.

The bright side of my fish-like memory is that I can flatter myself into thinking it was a most inspiring, intelligent and witty topic, and what a pity I can’t share it with you!

A few people have come up to me to console me on my lack of housing next year. Thank you to those of you who did. It’s nice to be thought of! I’m quite cheered up now, though; I woke up yesterday morning with happy thoughts of being able to invite people over for special events. I’ll have more space to put all my belongings and finally get to experience the commuter student’s side of the story.


In the meantime, we’re hitting the crazy season of school again. While all my midterms are after Reading Week (most likely all on the same day; one is not confirmed yet), I have a paper due per week. This doesn’t include the postings I’m meant to do for two classes, one of which I’m severely behind on. Apart from feeling concerned about having a lot to catch up on, I’m actually really glad that school is keeping me busy in ways that I like. I had way too much free time last term. Point: I kept a running tally of how many squirrels I saw each day on my way to and from classes. Being behind means that I am hitting that point when I stop trying to be an absolute perfectionist and simply try to be the best I can be within reason. That means getting my much-desired adequate amounts of sleep. Life’s not perfect.

I guess this post found a point after all, though I assure you it is still not as inspiring, intelligent or witty as the one it lost.

P.S. Is anyone else loving the lengthening days with later sunsets?

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