Before I begin my V-talk, Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the Year of the Rat now, for those interested.

So, first off the bat: go to the Vagina Monologues. The final show is tomorrow. Rush tickets are selling at the door at 6:50 in the evening. Stalk it. It’s well worth your time and money.

I went yesterday and was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the show. Throughout the entire one hour and forty-five performing minutes, I think there was only one monologue I completely entranced by. At every other moment, I was giggling away or sat straight up, completely taken up with what was going on in front of me, sometimes with my hand over my mouth from shock. I was delighted with how many different women were represented through the show: it is a show that cuts across age, ethnicity, and even gender itself.

Another performance I just went to is Mr. Vanier, the male beauty pageant. I’m impressed by how many guys went. The talent show was quite enjoyable — there was one particular performance involving story-telling and drumming, which I thought was amazing and extremely well done. My neighbour from across the corridor just told me the results, as I left early. I want to sleep very soon as I have a Reading Week orientation downtown tomorrow, and I’m checking my routes.

Speaking of Vanier, I am Vanier-less next year. Yup, that’s right: housing lottery results are out and I am one of those unlucky multitudes who isn’t getting on-campus housing next year. Fortunately, I do have a brother I can live with so I am not homeless. I am still really so sad — more than I imagined — that I am at position 1132 on the waitlist. (I had priority last year because of my grades!) I didn’t know just how much I appreciate living so close to everything and with friends within walking distance until now, when they say I’m not coming back. I’m not old enough to apply to Marine Drive or Thunderbird, so I’ll deal. Oh well, guess it would have happened sooner or later. This also solves my problem of deciding whether I want to cook for myself next year or not.

I sincerely hope my brother has insurance against fires.

P.S. Out of curiosity, is my lottery number based on when I applied or just whatever I was assigned by the computer system? Because I was given to understand that it didn’t matter when I applied; it was all random anyway. If my waitlist number is indeed based on or influenced by when I applied — I did apply fairly late — then I’d like to know for future reference.

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