Unexpected Housing Assignment

I am quite surprised with the amount of people who have turned down housing this year. My original waitlist position was 1132, a position which really isn’t supposed to get housing, and here I am with my first choice of Vanier again (although I suppose the other accommodations are more popular with older students anyway).

I’ve been turning it over in my mind whether to accept or reject it since 1:30 this morning when I received the email. I have until June 9th to decide, but I’m already leaning quite strongly in one direction…

On an unrelated note, I went to bed at 4 this morning, or maybe later. The birds were chirping, anyway, which was a psychological obstacle for me since my bright orange alarm clock is the sound of birds chirping. I still managed to get in 6 hours though. How ironic to think that on Friday I will be getting up at 4 (or earlier) to go to Dieppe for our “mid-term trip” (more like end-of-term). The workload in the last two weeks is a little insane. I had an essay due today, and still have an oral presentation and a drama performance for tomorrow, an essay due Sunday (but which I will work on all Thursday because we’re in Dieppe Friday and Saturday), an Economics portfolio and an exam on Tuesday (the portfolio I will work on Sunday, revising for the exam on Monday), and another essay on Wednesday which I think we must beg for an extension to Thursday if only for some breathing space. Well, that’s what the work is like at the end of term — most people had very little work the first three to four weeks they were here.

I shall sing praises about the trips we’ve been having at some later date.

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