SLC 2009 in Review

The Student Leadership Conference was yesterday and I’m happy to say that I’m once again glad I went. A part of me was afraid I’d be disappointed after how much I adored Stephen Lewis’s speech last year, but Dr. Roberta Bondar was very good and I still enjoyed her speech immensely. I adore people who love learning anything and everything or, as Dr. Bondar said, “Learn about Life.” I hope it was videoed and will be put online somewhere. Did anyone ever think of taping Stephen Lewis and putting that up as well?

Other highlights of the Conference include:

  • A workshop I attended presented by the President and Vice-President of the UBC Improv Club. We played some genuinely fun and effective team-building and attitude-changing games.
  • I went to a featured presenter who was a lawyer on prisoners’ human rights. It was, for all it opened my knowledge, heart-renderingly depressing at times. All the same, it was good, and taught me more about the Canadian legal system than I would have otherwise learned because law isn’t an undergraduate program at UBC.
  • LUNCH. It seems like such a trivial thing but seriously, I was looking forward to the lunch at the SLC after my experience last year. Instead of having pizza, we had proper sandwiches, a cookie, and a piece of fruit each. This year I also got to try the coloured mineral water that you see standing around in the SUB these days: I tried dragonfruit, and it was pretty good. Good food keeps students happy = still happy for the rest of the SLC!

In other news, I’m still in denial about being back at school despite the fact that I’ve gone to all of my classes and bought all of my books. Quite bad, since it means I haven’t done my readings or prepared for my dictation tomorrow…

Oh Homesickness, I stab thee in the heart.

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