Don’t Take My Money Away from Me :(

I was running through my awards and financial assistance account when I found that a scholarship I received last term is currently highlighted with some notice saying that restrictions have failed.

Restrictions? What restrictions?

I’ve since been searching for what possible restrictions there might be (after directing an email to the Awards Office), wishing that such restrictions had been told to me before I accepted anything. There’s something a tad miserable in the prospect of suddenly returning all the money you’d been counting on paying the majority of your tuition for you this year. I thought perhaps it might be that I’m taking too few credits now, having dropped courses — but no, I’m doing the minimum requirement. And I’ve looked at everything else in complete bemusement, since nothing else applies.

Right now I’m hoping for a quick response from the Awards Office and that maybe it’s something I can rectify (or better yet, it’s all one big mistake). Unfortunately, the beginning of term is always a super-busy time of year for them and I’m afraid that by the time I get a response, I won’t be able to do anything to fix the situation (i.e. if I’m told to take another course, that the time for registration will have long passed).

Fingers crossed.

Edit: Well, I called the office after finally finding their phone number, and the gentleman on the other end of the line also doesn’t understand it. The Plan of Action is: Ignore it until you receive an email about it.

Hopefully I never will!

Fingers crossed.

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