Inflating Fees

As you probably know, the latest UBC email reminds us that there is going to be a 2% fee increase in domestic and international tuition, among other things. Somehow, I never think it’s quite fair for international students to have to pay the “same” increase: 2% of $19,334 is not the same as 2% of $4343 — and that’s just if you’re an Arts student; most other faculties hit or surpass the $20,000 mark. It’s asking people who are already paying an arm and a leg to give up yet another limb; I wonder if there will be many more international students coming at the rate tuition fees skyrocket, and then where will we be, aspiring international university that we are?

My first reaction to the email was: “Again?” And then: “Inflation? What inflation?” Though when I think about it, I suppose there is inflation… in food prices, among other life necessities. No, I can’t see this announcement being very welcome, particularly in this current climate of everyone feeling poorer than before.

Although this may be rather irrational, I begin to wish for a re-vote of the SUB Renewal Project…

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