Last-Minute Course-Planning

Also known as What Not to Do, I completely forgot I was supposed to spend this weekend planning my courses. Instead, I went to the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival yesterday to watch one of my coworkers race. Not that I managed to see her, either… to cut a long and epic story short, my other coworker and I got very lost on our way to False Creek and ended up being an hour too late to see our coworker’s team win their heat — but a very big congrats to them!

And we did get to cheer her mother who is on a seniors’ team. I think twenty or so elderly people racing a dragon boat is one of the best things since sliced bread. The average age of that team is 65. Can you imagine? I want to be like that when I’m that old!

Digression aside, however, I woke up very late this morning (or close to noon) and remembered tomorrow’s registration time. Also that I had not done very much course-planning yet.

Cue drop all other plans for the day and start juggling courses around. Ask the tissue box why all the good professors seem to be teaching in term 2. Remember to do laundry whenever computer is lagging because it can’t deal with all the alt-tabbing between courses, my Word document where I do all my planning and note-taking, and RateMyProfs. Soliloquize in front of tissue box as to why I should be aiming for good professors, not because I want to take all my English literature courses in historical order. Bemoan why there are always more courses that I want to take than I have space and time for. Realize my transcript is not going to reflect my interests in subjects other than English at all. Fret about grad school. Resolve to read widely outside of school. Make note to self to win lottery and thus earn funds to buy books.

Seven hours later, I am drained and hungry, having not eaten since lunchtime (also known as Sunday breakfast, now my one meal of the day). I am very ready to pick up the last few garments rolling around in my dryer as soon as they’re done and head to bed for some well-needed rest.

After all, tomorrow is the day when I click the “register” button.

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