Rain Love

Vancouver summers: hot, dry, blue-sky affairs without a cloud in sight. A time when rain is limited and people are instructed to water their gardens at very particular times.

So I was told. This seemingly endless grey drizzle (realistically, this current drizzle only started yesterday) is casting serious aspersions on the people who claimed this.

Not everyone is as averse to precipitation as I am at the moment, though — when I ran out to post a letter during my work lunch break yesterday, I saw a baby in a stroller/pushchair with one of those waterproof canopies covering it. At least, that was what it was supposed to do: the baby was quite firmly holding the plastic aside, exposing itself to the rain. Lovely! I’d have taken a picture if: a) I had my camera, and b) that wouldn’t freak its parents out.

However, the rain does keep everything a beautiful fresh green.

I wait for my Vitamin D with impatience.

On a separate note, it is strongly advised not to do last-minute course-planning as I found out (and only through a friend pointing out by chance) that I’d registered for the wrong Chinese courses. Instead of registering for Advanced Reading and Writing, I’d signed myself up for Advanced Speaking and Writing. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the latter course, I am not aiming to become an orator in any language, let alone in a second language, and it’s my reading and writing that needs serious attention paid to.

Or if you do do such things last-minute, please read the titles of the courses rather than memorise course numbers. (I plead fuzzy eyesight after seven hours of staring at the screen.)

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