Initial Impressions of a Returning Student

  • Got back from Hong Kong yesterday. Very tired.
  • Went to buy books today. Surprisingly few people. Also sold out of a bunch of my books.
  • Got mistaken for a first-year, just like last year. Prediction: will be mistaken for a first-year for all five years I am here.
  • White Spot is replacing 99 Chairs. Are they targeting students or professors?!
  • Buchanan B block doesn’t look any different from the outside than it did before it got renovated.
  • I gave a lot of Speakeasy fliers out today. For those who don’t know, AMS Speakeasy is a student peer support and information service. If ever you want anyone to talk about a problem you’re having (exam stress, relationship issues, LGBTT questions, etc.), you can drop by the Information Desk in the SUB and a trained volunteer will be available to provide help and resources. This is a one-off, drop-in service, so there’s no need to make an appointment, and it’s all confidential. The desk is open 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. If you’re interested in applying, applications are due this Friday.

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