Think Change – Press Play

Sounds familiar? If not, it’s time to register for the annual Student Leadership Conference, held this Saturday.

I admit, I was thinking of not going. After all, I’ve attended for the past two years running. I can do something else with my first weekend back. Something different. Something productive. I mean, the rest of my weekends this month are already booked up; I won’t be able to do anything for myself until February. That’s too long.

And then I thought about all that a little more. Seriously, what could I possibly do on Saturday that would be more productive than attending the SLC? And is this “to do” list in front of me a list of things I actually want to do or things I think I should do?

Yes, I’ve attended the SLC twice in the last two years — and it’s been my first big highlight of the winter term each time. Each year, it has reignited my commitment to involving myself with my community, and pulled me right out of this black hole of moping and homesickness that I inevitably wallow in at the end of every winter break. I’m pretty sure it’ll do the same for me this year, because I’m already excited and feeling a little more energetic since I finally made myself go through the pamphlet listing all the featured presenters and workshops — and what amazing, exciting ones there are! I’m only a little sorry that I didn’t register sooner, because two of the workshops I wanted to do are full.

Worth the $30 registration fee? In my honest opinion: Yes, absolutely. Of course, everyone differs on this point, but I think the only way you can find out (if you’ve never been) is to try it, just once.

This is definitely what I want to be doing with my first Saturday back.

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