It was a cold 20 degrees

The weather forecast said it would be 20°C, so naturally, I went running out to work in a short-sleeved top and open-toe sandals, only to be greeted by a sharp, biting chill in the air I haven’t felt for months. Autumn is definitely here and our last day of summer was probably on Saturday, when the skies were blue and the air still held caresses of warmth.

Fortunately for me, I had the best ending to my summer spending it at Lonsdale Market, eating a beavertail and watching people dancing on the quayside. My friend and I ended the day with delicious Afghan food at The Afghan Horsemen by Granville Island and just having a good heart-to-heart. One of those perfect days (marred only when my sunglasses dropped into a toilet bowl that luckily had nothing else in it).

Goodbye summer, hello autumn.

Despite the fact that I’m moving stuff into res in a couple of days, it still came as a shock to me when someone said, ‘So, do you want to meet up this week or when school starts next week?’

Ohemgee. What do you mean, when school starts — ohemgee, school starts next week!

And suddenly there is a lot more to be done in a lot less time. Things must be moved, my home must be cleaned, training retreat must be attended, books acquired and read, work to be done (x2), a steady job to be found, and the list goes on.

But there are also a dozen things to look forward to on Imagine Day:

  • A free pancake breakfast.
  • Free highlighter pens and lip balm (SPF 15!).
  • A free barbeque lunch.
  • Apparently also free cacti plants, if last year is any clue to go by.
  • Free things, in general.
  • The fact that we don’t have to go to school until Wednesday. (Although apparently University of Toronto gives their students the whole first week off. Boo to us not having the same.)

If you don’t know what’s going on that day, check out the UBC Events page. One of my favourite resources, it’s the most comprehensive site of events going on at UBC at any time of the year. Currently it’s exhibiting a fantastic makeover courtesy of UBC Orientations. I am really proud of them for doing such a brilliant job last year — although I had no interest in Imagine Day besides the fact that we didn’t have to start school straight away, I loved the atmosphere far more than I expected. Result? I have every intention of signing up for as few shifts at the Speakeasy booth as possible this year, and do other equally important things, like getting cotton candy. Free cotton candy!

Also worth checking out is AMS First Week’s calendar of events. While I never get the wristband because I never have the time to go to enough events to make it worthwhile, I definitely recommend going to watch at least one UBC Improv show! Those guys are fantastic.

If you’ve got any other suggestions for things to check out and/or do during next week, let me know! Especially if there’s food involved. Free food. ♥

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