Charcoal Sushi and BBQ Restaurant

I was going through some old (now private) posts on my other blog, and found this one I’d written back in June of this year.

The pictures remind me of delicious times, so I decided to move it here.


I had dinner with a friend at Charcoal Sushi and BBQ Restaurant today.

Located on the second floor of London Plaza, Richmond, this little food nook seems pretty popular despite being tucked away — upon entering, we were told we could wait five minutes to sit at the bar, or forty-five for a table. Most of the tables are actually two counters put together and seem to be for larger groups; naturally, we said we’d just sit at the bar, since we were pretty hungry. The unforeseen advantage of this was that we got to watch the sushi chefs preparing our food in front of us, so that pleased me.

Charcoal offers two kinds of menus: the regular, text-based kind that you get in most restaurants, and another menu with large-size photographs of select items from their menu (mostly their different kinds of sashimi and their specialty rolls). It’s a great way of seeing what you’re going to get before you even get it.

Although Charcoal does offer both Japanese and Korean food, we went for the sushi and sashimi:

In descending order: salmon, scallops and hamachi sashimi; specialty roll called ‘Submarine Roll’ with fresh seaweed on top; specialty ‘Big Roller’ including avocado and scallops, with spice. The sashimi were sweet and tender, and the rolls were really very good, with about twelve pieces per plate. I preferred the Big Roller myself, as I had never tried fresh seaweed before and wasn’t sure how I felt about the texture. Plus I love scallops.

(We also ordered agadashi tofu but that unfortunately did not make it to the photo shoot. There were two to three times as many pieces of tofu as I usually expect as an appetizer, and were really quite delicious, so they made a hasty exit from the outside world and into my stomach.)

The only dessert available—which wasn’t listed—was black sesame ice-cream for $3 or $4 (I forget). Either way, we decided to go somewhere else for dessert and ended up at the gelato store around the corner.

All in all a pretty good restaurant for fusion rolls and quality sashimi!

Charcoal Sushi & BBQ Restaurant
250-7997 Westminster Hwy
Richmond BC V6X 1A4
(778) 297-7255

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