After psyching myself out…

I managed to file my taxes on UFile, no problem. It took me just under two hours, including time spent foraging for my previous Notice of Assessment and various tax forms. Students also get to file for free as long as you enter the special offer code FAY1493.

If you missed out on this year’s UBC Tax Assistance Clinic (a service I used for three years), rest assured that if I can use UFile, then you can, too.

On another note, I’ve been alternating between illness and recovery for the past week and am feeling quiet.

Exams and assignments are, for the most part, done, but I’ve just discovered that I don’t know how to not stretch myself thin. Despite being officially on holiday, I’m as stressed as ever and am musing on my compulsion to always be ‘productive’. While not advocating lifelong laziness — a reasonable amount of meaningful productivity does, after all, contribute to my general sense of well-being — isn’t happiness arguably a much more important measurement of how well I’m doing?

At least, it is for me. I’ll have to think on this a little more.

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