Things I Love Thursday

First Thursday in September and I am brimming over with pleasure for all the things that have been giving me joy in the past week:

♥ Fried eggs make me happy.

♥ Getting nine hours of sleep makes me even happier. Especially after running on half that for the past two weeks.

♥ Days or afternoons off, when I do something I want, and not have to do, just for myself. I love these moments quite intensely, probably because I don’t schedule them in all that regularly.

♥ HMV is having a $5 CD sale. I got Colbie Caillat’s first one, because I’m one of those people who still likes CDs.

'How stick people became extinct' T-shirt

A T-shirt we saw in Victoria. Admit it, you like it too.

♥ There’s an 1878 Steinway piano in Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, where I went with friends last Saturday, that invites visitors with ‘musical training and ability to play melodies that other museum visitors will enjoy’. You can guess what I did (much to the horror of some visitors who didn’t see the sign and were convinced of my criminal activity).

Craig Smart’s ‘123’ that played at the lovely wedding I attended on Sunday. Oh, how I love all the bubble-blowing I am getting to do this summer!

♥ Celebrating a four-year friendship anniversary with my very first Vancouver friend. Thanks to meeting through ASSIST, we actually worked out when we became friends. I haven’t got such records with anyone else!

♥ I love the UBC Farm and its surrounding forest.

forest glade in UBC Farm

Moving back to campus this weekend. I’m so excited!

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