UBC Learning Exchange Trek Program

What a flood of posts in the last few days — but I couldn’t ignore writing about the UBC Trek Program as yet another great opportunity to get involved.

The Trek Program focuses on connecting students to the community outside of UBC. Offering a number of volunteer positions in various schools and non-profit organisations based in the Downtown Eastside, Trek is an excellent way of breaking out of the university bubble and creating connections within the local Vancouver community.

Trek asks students to commit two hours a week for at least four months (one term). Having done a Reading Week Project at Grandview Elementary in 2008, I’ve wanted to make time for a more long-term commitment since, and have finally signed up as a literacy mentor. This was something I did in my first year through the One to One Literacy Society that I’ve missed.

If you’d like to be a literacy or maths mentor to elementary school children, these are always in high demand. There are also lots of positions in soup kitchens, working with the elderly, and in neighbourhood houses. Athletes and Science students are also always especially sought after.

If any of this sounds like something you’re remotely interested in, check out their website for more details and register for an orientation session! This will definitely be something different to what you experience on campus.

(Also, I think everyone who doesn’t hate children should do the Reading Week Project at least once in their UBC career.)

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