Things I Love Thursday

Chose this icon just because I think it’s beautiful. Other things that have made me smile in the last week:

♥ Walking through puddles in the rainboots I got last year is still something sort of wondrous and delightful.

♥ Work is paying off! Feedback for the training weekends is turning out to be mostly positive — very much so, in fact.

♥ Ever heard of growing a bridge? Check this out!

♥ The free swing lessons offered by UBC Swing Kids on Tuesday night were such a great destressor. (If you’re interested, they offer classes on Thursday nights beginning next week, and AMS Minischool offers two classes Tuesday evenings.)

♥ My Musqueam language class is so much fun — we played Charades last night.

♥ Finally, an old, favourite clip of mine done by Rob Paravonian that always cheers me up on down days:


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