Things I Love Thursday

This is a week for the love of the purely domestic. As it turns out, the simplest things are also some of the happiest:

♥ The smell and feel of clean, warm laundry.

♥ The pleasant surprise when I go to clean the lint out of a dryer before I use it to find that the previous user has already done it!

♥ My vegetable peeler from Daiso. You don’t remember how useful these things are until you live with just a knife for a whole year. (Admittedly, I got a little overexcited while peeling my potatoes and probably wasted as much as usual. But no more.)

♥ Other highly useful items purchased from Daiso and IKEA lately: my can opener, dish towels, bath rug, new lamp, cutlery, mugs, plates and bowls. I have enough dishes for four whole people, not just one!

♥ My brother’s fantastic friend who brought 煎饼果子 to the Thanksgiving potluck on Saturday. A Tianjin specialty with no translation that I know of, I never thought I’d eat it anywhere outside of, well, Tianjin.

♥ People who ask for second helpings of something I cooked/baked. Actually, I also quite liked my mac and cheese and wish I’d kept a couple of banana chocolate chip muffins.

♥ People who feed me. Thanks for the delicious turkey dinner on Sunday, Dan!

♥ Heartfelt thanks also go out to my friends who willingly crammed themselves made themselves cosy in my studio just so I could cross off #41 on my Day Zero list. Your food and company were both delectable.

Have a happy weekend!

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