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A day off

Exactly eight weeks after my last day off and the day I succumbed to my Epic Illness of 2012 (thus far), I finally ran downtown with Little Friend Ber to give ourselves a day of fun.

If you’d bumped into me as I flew towards the bus, you’d probably have heard my excitement: Who cares if it’s raining right now? I’m freeeeeee!

I should probably explain that I just submitted the bulk of my graduating essay to my supervisor this week and am currently waiting for the latest review before I edit it to submit the “first” official draft. As in, I am actually happy with my progress at the moment and can see the end in sight. Oh, yeah.

But who’s in a homework mood on the first free day in two months? Now that I’m able to walk and talk and eat as much as I want again, what better way to celebrate than with copious amounts of chocolate?

Chocolate fondue, ice cream, fruits and pastries

Chocolate fondue for two at Capstone Fondue

Capstone Tea & Fondue is located downtown on Robson and Broughton, with a noticeable green-and-white logo hanging outside. LFB and I have wanted to try this place for almost three years, but only just got around to it, thanks to a nifty Groupon purchase we acquired a few months ago.

Capstone is immensely popular — the first time we tried to go, they were full up. This time, I reserved a table a week before for as soon as they opened (3 pm), and it was a good thing I did — not fifteen minutes after we arrived and sat down to order, the place was almost entirely full with a long line and growing.

The chocolate fondue was exactly what we wanted, with a nice selection of fruit (strawberries, pineapples, grapes, green apples and bananas), pastries (lemon loaf, banana loaf and some kind of cookie), and ice cream. The ice cream was a new, delightful experience for me, because I discovered that the chocolate actually does freeze around it.

Which obviously led us to play with our food:

Smiling ice cream

Look! The ice cream's smiling!

We are so grown up.

This should happen more often!

I was typing away at my desk in Buch C when suddenly, music broke out and a group of students in the courtyard started dancing in coordination.

The first flash mob I’ve seen!

It only lasted about a minute, but it certainly livened up the day. Anyone know what that was about?

Knigge Piano Competition

Knigge Piano Competition — Final Round
Sat Mar 3 | 9 am–6 pm
Barnett Hall, UBC School of Music

Knigge Piano Competition — Winners’ Concert
Sun Mar 4 | 4 pm
Barnett Hall, UBC School of Music
Free for students, $10 adults, $5 seniors

I’ve been looking forward to this for months and really hope that I’ll be well enough by the weekend to go. At the very least, I’d like to attend the winners’ concert. Prolonged illness can get a little tedious.


That is the sound of my excitement as I pull out a batch of glorious cupcakes smelling deliciously of strawberries. They taste fine, too, if my burnt tongue is anything to go by. As for moisture, the toothpick test proved they are downright perfect.

I’m going to kick myself if I mess up the frosting tomorrow morning, because these cupcakes deserve nothing but the best.

It’s my coworker’s birthday tomorrow, and she said her favourite fruit is strawberries. Since I don’t have a cake pan in residence (the lack of which I really ought to amend), it had to be strawberry and cinnamon cupcakes. This recipe is the second one I’m trying from Desserts for Breakfast, one of my favourite blogs for looking at food and wishing I were best friends with the author. Fingers crossed that my cupcakes will turn out okay, because I sure have no idea how to properly frost anything and have no equipment to help me. No pictures because this is one of those cases where it’s best not to ruin your dreams with a reality check.

Here endeth my entirely frivolous post. Yay!

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing

Music should either move your feet or move your heart.

Today’s been a long day because of work and school. Tomorrow will be a very different kind of long day because of a work-related event — the very important Mental Health Networking Event that will be going on in Ladha (4-6 pm) — and some serious chilling out in the form of happy feet.

UBC Swing Kids are coming back this term with a free Welcome Back Dance in the SUB Party Room tomorrow, including free lessons!

7-8 pm: West Coast Swing beginner’s lesson
8-9 pm: Lindy Hop beginner’s lesson
9-11 pm: Social dancing! Yay!

Now there’s nothing like actually seeing a dance to get a glimmer of what it’s like. Lucky for us, we have YouTube. Check out the crazy Lindy Hop and improvised West Coast Swing (my personal favourite).

A note on the instructors for WCS: Emlyn and Kaedra are fantastic teachers. They’re clear, funny, and teach at a good pace that challenges everyone without leaving anyone behind. If they’re teaching tomorrow, I can guarantee it’ll be enjoyable. Heck, it’s going to be grand regardless of who’s teaching tomorrow — free dancing!

Bring yourself, your friends or clueless passers-by, it really doesn’t matter. See you there!