Monthly Archives: June 2017

New Courses and A Requirement Reminder

The Ph.D. (and M.A.) requirements are being modified to reflect a better balance of depth and breadth in your graduate-level training. Here is the new curriculum, which we are implementing as best we can this year (2017W).

Breadth requirement. Complete at least 3 courses from the following list for a total of 9 credits:

  • LING 508 (Phonetics)
  • LING 510 (Phonology)
  • LING 520 (Syntax)
  • LING 525 (Semantics)

Depth requirement. Complete at least 5 courses from the following list, including at least 1 section of LING 530 for a total of 15 credits.

  • LING 503 (for this year it’s 530E) (Acquisition)
  • LING 532 (Field Methods in Linguistics II)
  • LING 505A (Morphology)
  • LING 513 (for this year it’s 530H) (Phonetics)
  • LING 511 (for this year it’s 530G) (Phonology)
  • LING 527 (for this year it’s 530J) (Semantics)
  • LING 521 (for this year it’s 530I) (Syntax)
  • LING 530 (Seminars on assorted topics)

Methods requirement. You’ll need  a total of 9 credits of methods courses to complete this requirement. You must complete LING 531 (Field Methods) and at least 3 credits of Linguistics methods courses*.  For the remaining credits you could take an additional field methods course (LING 532) or an appropriate course in a different department (statistics, logic, etc.).

Important note! We used to require that a Ph.D. student had to be registered in a LING 530 seminar until they were ABD. Now they just must be registered in any course other than a thesis credit course. Easy peasy.

*These new methods courses do not exist at all yet! For the time being students will have to take Ling 518 to complete this methods bit.