New M.A. Program Requirements

The M.A. (and Ph.D.) requirements are being modified to reflect a better balance of depth and breadth in your graduate-level training. Here is the new plan, which we will be implementing as we can this year (2016W) and will be fully implementing next year (2017W).

(Remember those new courses that are on the horizon? Be thinking about those, as you process this information.)

Breadth requirement. Complete at least 3 courses from the following list for a total of 9 credits:

  • LING 508 (Phonetics)
  • LING 510 (Phonology)
  • LING 520 (Syntax)
  • LING 525 (Semantics)

Methods requirement. Complete LING 531 (Field Methods) and at least 3 credits of Linguistics methods courses* for a total of 6 credits.

Thesis. This is 6 credits.

Choose your own adventure! An additional 9 credits are to be chosen with approval from the supervisory committee; courses may be from Linguistics or another appropriate department. This is where these new courses will be key.

*These new methods courses do not exist at all yet! For the time being students will have to take Ling 518 to complete this methods bit.

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