New courses for 2017W

Lots of changes are afoot!

In 2017W we are adding upper level undergraduate courses to be co-taught with graduate level courses, renumbering some of the graduate courses, and adding some new ones altogether. Starting in 2017W (we hope) there will be:

Undergrad/Grad Courses

  • LING 410 (to be taught along with LING 510); pre-requisite: LING 311
  • LING 425 (to be taught along with LING 525); pre-requisite: LING 327
  • LING 420 (to be taught along with LING 520); pre-requisite: LING 300

New Grad Courses 

  • LING 5XX: Phonetics; pre-requisite, LING 508
  • LING 5XX: Phonology: pre-requisite, LING 510
  • LING 5XX: Semantics: pre-requisite, LING 525
  • LING 5XX: Syntax: pre-requisite, LING 520
  • LING 5XX: Acquisition; either LING 451 or 452

LING530s will no longer be 1 year, but just single term seminars. There will be at least 3 of them offered every academic year. We are also getting rid of Ling 518.

This is all pretty exciting!

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