Re-animating & Re-searching:
Mobilizing Knowledge in Education | April 20 & 21, 2017

Free public performance
April 20 schedule | April 20 Keynote
April 21 schedule | April 21 Keynote

Registration is now closed. We look forward to seeing everybody on the 20th & 21st! 🙂 

The LLED Graduate Research Conference is a biennial student-led conference. The conference is designed to provide opportunities for graduate students to gain conference experience, to share their work and also receive useful feedback from peers/conference participants. It is also an opportunity to celebrate and showcase the diversity of research in LLED and to collaborate with other departments at UBC and with local institutions. This year, we are fortunate to have collaborated with the Digital Learning Centre to plan and bring to students an exciting two-day event.

This year, the theme is of knowledge mobilization.

In the field of education there have been many discussions and calls for researchers to share their work to better mobilize knowledge. According to Briscoe et. al (2015), the general definition of knowledge mobilization can be viewed as the “intentional effort to increase the use of research evidence in policy and practice in the education sector among and between individual, organizational and system levels” (p. 5). This transfer of knowledge can occur between researchers and practitioners, policy makers, community organizations and perhaps even between different disciplines.

With the theme of knowledge mobilization in mind, the format of this conference will provide a new structure that is designed to create a culture of learning, and encourage participant networking and feedback.

We encourage you to join us during this exciting two-day event, which will provide opportunities for you to consider ways to mobilize your work through workshops and peer presentations.

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