Aoi Sola, a successful model of Internet Propaganda

Aoi Sola, as we all know, is the most popular adult movie star and actress from Japan. She is quite famous for her charm and devotion to her art career.

Why is her so welcomed by Asians and even people all over the world? Actually, she is quite a good user of Internet as a tool to publicize herself.

She has an official blog website which is mainly intended for Japanese users: Aoi Sola official blog

Also, she has set up a twitter website so as to make global-wide fans happy: Aoi Sola Twitter site

What is more, she even created a Chinese micro blog in order to make herself more outstanding in China: Aoi Sola Chinese micro blog

Although it is a case of an actress, no one could deny her brilliant achievements. The proper use of Internet would undoubtedly enhance the brand image of certain firms. The key point is that consumers would have a feeling that the firm is really between them and care about them.

However, inappropriate advertisements used by some of the firms on the Internet deeply increase customers  antipathy of them. No one would bear it when annoying windows keep popping up while surfing the Internet.

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