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#007: Of classes, clubs and Canada

September 10th, 2008 by Mary Leong

Currently listening to: “Schadenfraude” – Avenue Q

I really ought to write a coherent entry once in a while; here’s my requisite sane entry of the week.
(Translation: This is not just random crack. OR IS IT?!?)

Classes are going splendidly; I have just realized that I haven’t actually mentioned the courses I’m taking on this blog. So I shall. Arts One is a real lark; finishing the Iliad gave me a real rush of satisfaction. I’ve never been one much for epic poetry (as any of my friends will attest to my violent protestations against Paradise Lost, but that is A Story For Another Time). The first lecture has proven to be a mind-boggling madhouse; following the prof’s train of thought is absolutely ridiculous and dare I say, brilliant. It’s like watching the cogs in a watch turn, but in Every Imaginable Direction while shooting fireworks and water and – well, it’s just all over the place, but so insanely fascinating to listen to. Oh, and the note-taking bit goes well too- if your definition of “well” includes large, loopy scrawls diagonally across lined paper. Psychology 100 goes equally marvellously; I shall soon be better equipped to mess with your minds even more. I’m certain you await that with great enthusiasm; I do too. Finally, French 122 is absolutely nothing like I expected it to be. I was not expecting to be conjugating verbs in the Present Tense, or the Infinitif. I’m certain there are people who are enjoying it more than I do; I shall not destroy their little beam of sunlight – I’ll merely hide in a box in the corner and mutter to myself in a schizophrenic manner. No, I jest: I’m looking forward to Fr 123. How’s that?

Clubs and Other Such:
I’m really excited to join clubs and societies. The prospect of meeting people equally enthused about the French language thrills me, ergo, Le Club Français! I attended the first meeting today, and it was absolutely brilliant: I’ve missed hearing French on a constant basis SO MUCH, and I’m sure I could ramble on about this for ages…so I won’t. (But you all ought to come and check it out, because it is so wicked. BuchanantowerseventhflooronWednesday!!) I’ve also been to a Ubyssey meeting: more excitement on that front! I look forward to more mad writing; I’ll keep you all updated on that.

Other things I’ve been considering include: STAND, Journalists for Human Rights, Engineers Without Borders (and yes, you don’t have to be an engineer), and other random things I’m certain my friends have signed me up for during Imagine Day without my explicit consent…cough…random high school alumni groups…cough.

In other news, vis-a-vis Canadian politics, here‘s a newspaper clipping from Monday’s edition of The Province which I scanned; it’s actually really funny.

Anyhow, I shall prance off now; I am terribly tempted to sing along to the Avenue Q cast recording. OKAY, I’M DONE. Over and out.

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  • 1 Phoebe Yu Sep 11, 2008 at 12:12 pm

    Your classes sound so exciting! I’m not taking anything “literary” this term (unless you count History… but it doesnt reach a level of fascination that can be attained with epic poetry XD)

    Wow… French 122 is actually easy? Shouldn’t have dropped it then -.-

    OH AND when’s the next Ubyssey meeting? I completely missed the first one and always wanted to go…

    Btw… I saw two people playing Petanque yesterday at the lawn in front of Brock Hall =OO

  • 2 Mary Leong Sep 11, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    Haha, I wanted to take History, but I couldn’t make that work with my schedule. French 122 is easy, but terribly dull: it’s all revision, and I can be found dozing off in a corner, or muttering to myself. Ubyssey GMs are every Wednesday at 12 noon, at the SUB. We should join the Pétanque playing people….it would be epic times.