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#040: Rant…and…go.

January 11th, 2009 by Mary Leong

Currently listening to: “Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse” – of Montreal

/commence rant

I had a rather dreadful experience with the Shoppers’ Drug Mart by Lonsdale Quay in Nvan. (Though I’ve learnt not to expect too much- even ‘pro’ photo places can be finicky at times, and if not, overly pricey.) I had decided to get my slide film cheaply cross-processed there instead of getting it done at Wal-Mart (which is equally unreliable, but cost-effective – that’s a story for another day). Happily entrusting my sacred roll of Elitechrome 200 into the hands of the cashier, I pranced off- another thing accomplished off the to-do list!

Of course, as with most things camera-related, it went downhill from there. Murphy’s law at its best. It was a little like the day I finished shooting all my film…and then the sun came out. But I digress.

I returned the next day to discover that the roll of film was perfectly x-pro’ed, BUT the package I received and paid for was missing the index card, thirteen photo prints, and a digital copy of the photos. The photo lab assistant was off on lunch; upon calling later on, he was absolutely unable to tell me over the phone why they were missing, and insisted that I had to return in order for him to tell me why. I’m sorry, but a simple explanation over the telephone will suffice, even a brief statement on when I will be able to pick them up will placate me; I am not returning to get an explanation, go home, wait till they’re done being printed (if they ever are), and then go back and get them again. Can you count the total number of bus rides there? More than one hand’s worth of fingers, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, as people try to coerce me into digital photography, I staunchly wave my analog in their faces.

I’m tired. Bed now, then rundown of the Student Leadership Conference tomorow.

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  • 1 Irene Pobee Jan 11, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    Random but, I love Of Montreal!! =)