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#067: We all have our days.

September 25th, 2009 by Mary Leong

Currently listening to: “Night Reconnaissance” – The Dresden Dolls

Overheard in the elevator in Gage.
Guy munching on snack: Dude, it feels like Friday.
His friend: …yeah, because it is Friday.

I think that pretty much describes how we’re all feeling. Cerebral processes halfheartedly dragging along as we wonder to ourselves, mumbling a tad crazedly beneath our collective breaths – has it really only been three weeks of classes?

With a sigh, I realize it is now Saturday morning. As my roommates spiral off in their respective midnight shenanigans, I elect to curl up contentedly with the carbohydrate goodness of freshly-made lemon and asparagus pasta (late-night cooking of real meals is always fun), and re-watch old episodes of The West Wing…and leave work to sunny daytime…

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