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#104: Wonderland, indeed.

March 18th, 2010 by Mary Leong


I took a veritable journey down the proverbial rabbit-hole in watching Tim Burton’s remake of Alice in Wonderland. What an absolute spectacle! One has come to expect that sort of visual extravaganza in any Tim Burton film, and indeed, it did not fail to impress. Other sequels to Alice have come off contrived, but Burton manages to make it work. An absolute delight to watch with whimsical dream-like sequences melding animation and live acting, the film retains the bizarreness from Lewis Carroll’s original text, forcing viewers to suspend disbelief as they are tossed haphazardly from scene to scene. Watching it in 3-D had definitely been a good idea. To top it all off, the musical sequences were fantastically trippy.

Highly recommended – I give this film four and a half hookah-smoking blue caterpillars out of five.

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