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#108: Happy April Fools!

April 1st, 2010 by Mary Leong

There is nothing quite like an extraordinarily well-wrought prank to round up an April Fools Day. My favourites from this year:

Mad props to The Guardian for their Gordon Brown/Labour election coverage. You made waking up for an early-morning meeting so much more bearable, despite almost choking on my peach-and-mango tea with laughter.

And of course, Google. The web giant’s declaration to leave Australia with respect to its Internet filters must have left Australians scrambling in their seats before realizing that it was a prank. Not that Google’s likely to do so any time soon, but the fact that they’ve done so previously must definitely add another layer to this jolly jaunt.

Striking a little closer to home: AMS Confidential reports on the further developments in the War on Fun. Props, people, on keeping it lulzy this April Fools.

I shall continue my scouring of the interwebs of amusing tidbits. Apparently people can’t quite be bothered to put in the effort for real-life April Fools jokes any more.

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