Quiz 1 Practice

Here is an exemplary quiz. The material for quiz 1 covers everything up to and including (two sided) limits. Later this week I will upload a solution for this quiz.

Pleas find some quit time (about 15-20 minutes) and try to solve it (preferably without looking at it before that).

A short explanation about the structure:

  • There are two “Very short answer questions” – For these you are supposed to supply only the final answer.
  • Ther are two “Short answer questions” – Here you are supposed to supply a final answer with a short explanation of how you got it.
  • There is one “Long answer question” – This question is multiparted and you should supply a final answer together with an explanation of how you got it.

Please remember: Calculator-ready solutions only!

In fact, you are not supposed to use calculators in the quiz.

Exemplary Quiz

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