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Quizzes 3&4 and the second midterm

First of all, for some reason quiz 3 didn’t arrive to the MLC. Today I made sure that it got there so you can pick it up. Quiz 4 is also there waiting for you.

As for common mistakes in quiz 4, there weren’t that many apart for calculation errors. In question 3 some people mistakenly compared the elasticity to 0 instead of -1 and in question 4 forgot that x=0 is also a critical point.

Here are the solutions for quiz 4: quiz4a quiz4b quiz4c

Use your time well to study for the midterm. It is going to be on Thursday November 17th on 6:45-7:45 at the same place as the first midterm, that is Buchanan A203. Please make sure that you bring your student card to the test and pleas arrive to the right place (I’m going to be there!).

I would also like to remind you of the various resources you can use when studying for the midterm:

  1. Office hours (Tue 12:30-14:00 and Thu 13:00-14:30 at MATX 1118)
  2. The MLC is a great place to sit and study with the extra benefit of having TAs willing to help you.
  3. Searchable exam database and past exams (which contains more exams but is not searchable by topic)
  4. CLP problem book

Quiz 3


Quiz 3 is in the MLC, don’t forget to bring your UBC card.

Her are the common mistakes you made in the quiz:

  1. Not a mistake per se, but some tried to log both sides of the equation before deriving and ended up with a more complicated exercise.
  2. Some of you confused dy/dz with dz/dy. Remember, dy/dz means deriving y(z), i.e. y as a function of z.
  3. Most of you got this right but didn’t write your answer clearly.
  4. Most of you confused this one or didn’t explain yourself at all. Please look at the solutions.
Solutions: quiz3a quiz3b quiz3c