Welcome! Our research aims to advance the knowledge and application of dynamics and solid mechanics. Our research interests are at the interface between traditional mechanics and emerging cross-disciplinary areas of interest to mechanicians.  We create and apply fundamental knowledge to  meet societal needs, where feasible.  Formulating a good theory,  creating a useful engineering model,  implementing a challenging experiment–  these all interest us. See below, for illustrative examples. Our collaborators are from both universities and industries in North America.  Our alumni have found employment in academia as professors and in industry as engineers. Please click on the images below to know more about our current research. Interested?  Join us!  

Mechanics of paper tissue Mechanics of polymer brush  Phononics of CNT heat trap
Non-linear waves in lattices Sandwich panel vibroacoustics Vibrations in railways
Mechanics of stents and grafts Ultrasensitive resonant MEMS  A recent monograph 


Last updated: 16/09/2022