PhD candidates with excellent academic preparation are welcome to apply.  I  welcome students with creativity  and a demonstrated research experience. Please submit your application through UBC online portal and send me your file reference number. Please do not email me with large cv and file attachments, please use the ubc application portal.  I try my best to respond, but can not promise to respond to all queries, given other demands on my time and attention. Where I notice a specific background match I will reach out to you. You can contact me with a brief description of why you want to work in my group and how that training will help your goals. (updated 18 Jan 2023)

NSERC USRA and MITACS internships

For 2023 summer: Qualified and eligible undergraduate students from Canada are encouraged to apply for NSERC USRA. International students can join us through MITACS internship program.


Living on campus cost of living calculator

Last updated: 18/01/2023