Test Facilities

  1. Material testing
    1. Instron Model 5969
    2. Variable angle peel testing fixtures
  2. Vibroacoustic Measurements
    1. Polytec Laser Vibrometer PSV 400 M2
    2. B&K, PCB Impulse hammers, electrodynamic shakers, accelerometers, spl measurement devices
    3. Contact the PI for more details as we have a wide range of equipment.
  3. Flow-loop for Cardiovascular mechanics
    1. Harvard Apparatus flow loop for medical device (stents and catheter) testing and aneurysm models
    2. Pressure and velocity transducers
  4. High speed and high magnification imaging test rigs (developed in-house)


  1. MATLAB for scientific computing
  2. LAMMPS for molecular dynamic simulations
  3. LIGGGHTS for discrete element simulations
  4. ABAQUS for finite element simulations
  5. MATCONT and AUTO for numerical continuation