Middle Childhood Intervention: Module One – Typical and Atypical Development

Category — 4.2 Ten to Twelve 6-12: Cognitive Skills

Cognitive Skills

Ages 10 to 12 years are a great time for cognitive skills (see full Glossary). The children’s thinking is progressing nicely and they are getting ready to start thinking and reasoning “like adults do. They are now able to look at situations from different angles and understand that most situations have more than one aspect. They are also much better at paying attention, even while being mildly distracted.

Children at this age can:

graphic organizer
Figure 1. Graphic organizer
analog clock
Figure 2. Analog clock

Did you know?

Children at this age love to evaluate ideas, and let you know what they think. Of course, some of the principles behind whether or not an idea is good may not always be sound. Despite that, this is a sure sign that children are now quite capable of looking beyond the “here and now” when they are trying to think and reason.

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