Middle Childhood Intervention: Module Three – The Professionals

“A” Professionals

Aboriginal Supported Child Development Consultant

Aboriginal supported child development consultants (ASCD) provide child development and special education services to Aboriginal families all across the province of British Columbia. They do so in a way that is respectful of Aboriginal culture and tradition. The services are provided in different geographic communities.

Most children served by an ASCD consultant are between the ages of birth and 12 years. Sometimes, children who are between the ages of 13 and 19 may also be serviced by the Aboriginal supported child development program as well.

The ASCD consultant helps the families of children with special needs to adjust to their child’s condition. They offer information and support, and sometimes referrals to more specialized services. The ASCD consultant also works with preschool/school personnel, and offers advice related to accommodating a child with special needs into a regular classroom. Sometimes, they also coordinate services between different professionals (for example, physiotherapist s and occupational therapists) who may be working with a particular child.

The ASCD consultant offers support and information to both the child’s family and teachers. They provide information about the child’s overall development (cognitive, social/emotional, adaptive, language and communication and motor) while respecting and preserving Aboriginal culture and values, both on and off reserves, in British Columbia.

For more information about ASCD, please visit the following website on ASCD.

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