Middle Childhood Intervention: Module Four – Putting it all Together

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Step Nine

Your rights as a parents: here is what Kkay Ferrell (and others) have said

In her excellent book, Reach Out and Teach (1985), Kay Ferrell listed a Bill of Rights for the parents of children with specific special needs. Although the list was developed for parents whose children have vision loss and/or multiple handicaps, we feel that parents of all children with special needs have these special rights. These special rights include the right to seek a second opinion, the right to keep or stop trying to intervene with a child, and the right to just be parents.

You also  have a right to choose which intervention technique or method you wish to use with your child. You also have a right to stand up for yourself, your family, your children with special needs and your typically developing children. You also have a right to take good care of yourself. This could mean something like going away for the weekend without your children. It could also mean something such as getting a pedicure or playing a game of golf with your friends. As one parent who posted her story on the Bandaides and Blackboards website stated: running yourself ragged will not help anyone, not you and not your child with special needs.

Finally, you have a right to do whatever you feel you need to do  to keep your family together,   to help all your children the best way you know how,   to maintain your sanity, and finally,   to be ready for the next step in the life of your family!


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