With an interest in wildlife management I attended Thompson Rivers University where I received a B.Sc in Natural Resource Science. I highly recommend this degree to anyone interested; its diverse nature provides knowledge in various sectors including fisheries, forestry, wildlife, wildfire and range management. I learned applicable hands-on skills that allowed me to obtain some awesome jobs. Below is a list of the positions I have had over the past few years.

fRI Research Institute

Research assistant – Caribou Program                                           Dec 2018-Mar 2019

Hinton, Alberta

  • Aided in selection, set-up, and monitoring of clover trap sites for deer as part of an ungulate cutblock use study in north-western Alberta
  • Organizing, maintaining and entering data
  • Assisted in the live capture and GPS collar fitting of deer


fRI Research Institute

Field Technician – Caribou Program                                                  Sep 2018-Nov18

Hinton, Alberta

  • Set up and revisited trail cameras for an ungulate-cutblock study in north-western Alberta
  • Classified wildlife photographs and organized data


fRI Research Institute

Field Technician – Grizzly Bear Program                                            May 2018-Jul 2018

Hinton, Alberta

  • Collected grizzly bear hair samples at helicopter access hair snag sites for a population inventory within Bear Management Area 4 in Alberta
  • Helped to organize and maintain field equipment for multiple field crews


Government of Alberta – Forest Health Branch

Mountain pine beetle crewmember                                                        Dec 2017-Mar 2018

Hinton, Alberta

  • Conducted quality assurance surveys for identified infestation areas of Mountain Pine Beetle within the Edson Forest Area
  • Maintained correspondence with contractors and government officials


fRI Research Institute

Field technician – Grizzly Bear Program                                                Sep 2017-Oct 2017

Hinton, Alberta

  • Investigated collared grizzly bear activity in the Boreal forest region of Alberta
  • Compiled and organized field data using Access and ArcMap GIS


fRI Research Institute                                                                               

Field technician – Caribou Program                                                          May 2017-Aug 2017

Hinton, Alberta

  • Collected plant composition data for high residency areas of woodland caribou
  • Surveyed pipeline regeneration and quantified anthropogenic and wildlife use


Langley Environmental Partners Society                                      

Agriculture Intern                                                                                            Sep 2016-Mar 2017

Langley, BC

  • Assisted in environmental restoration projects
  • Public and other stakeholder outreach for environmentally conscious land practices
  • Educated children, members of the public, and university students on environmental issues


Salt Spring Sprouts & Mushrooms                                                              

Permaculture intern                                                                                          May 2016-Jul 2016

Salt Spring Island, BC

  • Aided in the development of an ecologically inspired agriculture operation
  • Learned about and participated in sustainable land practices


Thompson Rivers University Research Greenhouse Facilities                         

Research lab assistant                                                                                         Feb 2014

Kamloops, BC

  • Measured bulk density in different soil type samples
  • Entered and maintained data