November 15, 2017

Student Seminar – Neural Circuits of Mating and Aggression in Mice

The UNC will have its second Student Seminar of the year this week – Thursday, Nov 16 2017 @ Buchanan B219 from 5:30-6:30. The topic will be Neural Circuits of Mating and Aggression in Mice – presented by Alireza Kamyabi. Coffee and cookies will be served!

At the seminar we’ll discuss how mating and aggression are regulated and governed by distinct neuronal populations that together make up the functional neural circuits responsible for detecting and responding appropriately to social cues (e.g. pheromones). Because of their ubiquitousness in the animal kingdom and male-female differences, aggression and mating can provide valuable insights into how the brain controls and regulates behavioural responses in responses to different cues.  The seminar will focus on the neural mechanisms underlying appetitive and consummatory phases of mating and aggressive behaviours – from odour detection of pheromones to motor areas underlying the execution of the behaviour.