The Teachers’ Strike: Two upcoming Events

(1) Hosted by Left Turn: The B.C. Teachers Strike: A Dress Rehearsal for The General Strike Of 2006? November 22, 2005.

(2) Hosted by the Vancouver & District labour Council: Lessons Learned from Teachers’ Dispute. November 15, 2005.Event 1: The B.C. Teachers Strike: A Dress Rehearsal for The General Strike Of 2006?

Last month’s illegal strike may well have been a watershed for the B.C. labour movement. Despite a vicious campaign by the Liberal government, court rulings that included the largest fine against a union in Canadian history, and lukewarm support from the BC Fed, teachers seem to have emerged not only undefeated, but more militant and united than ever.

How did this happen? What went down in the back rooms? What impact is this having on the rest of the labour movement? How about community support? And of great importance for all activists fighting the Liberals’ privatizing and union-busting, what does this mean for next spring’s looming public sector confrontations? Will there be a general strike, or a general demobilization? Will the spring sizzle, or fizzle?

SFU Harbour Centre
Room 1900
Tuesday, November 22
7:30 PM

Speakers: Lisa Descary, Richmond Teachers Association; Gretchen Dulmage, HEU vice-chair, Children and Women’s Hospital; Will Offley, B.C. Nurses Union; Lawrence Boxall, CEP Local 2000.
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Event 2. VDLC Pizza Educational: Lessons Learned from Teachers’ Dispute

Presentations from the BC Teachers’ Federation, CUPE, and the Vancouver and District Labour Council, each will provide their perspective from their role in the dispute.

November 15, 2005 at 5:30 pm (Followed by regular VDLC meeting at 7:30 PM Maritime Labour Centre 1880 Triumph Street)

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