BCCPAC Member Alert!

Minister of Education announces $56 million to schools and districts to improve student learning. Parents will participate in the next few weeks in deciding how these funds will be spent in their schools and districts…

Details on BCCPAC webpage.

3 thoughts on “BCCPAC Member Alert!

  1. How can we ensure parents are included in the allocation of funding? I am concerned that administrators and teachers will decide with out valuing parent imput.

    How do we ensure money accessed properly? Do adminstrators know the criteria, in my school I am concerned they don’t.


  2. Dear Denise,

    While this is a rushed process, all the teachers and administrators that I know are working hard with PACs and SPCs to make sure that as wide a group of parents as possible are invovled.



  3. Can you clarify for me:

    Is there $50/student for the district AND $50/student for the school totalling $100.

    OR is it just $50/student/district’s school

    Thanks Denise

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