New Year’s Resolutions for Public Education

In a few short days our schools will be back in session and, accross BC plans will be rushed through to spend thousands of dollars taken from teachers as a result of the October Strike. Here’s a few resolutions for public education that we might keep in mind while the spending frenzy is upon us.

1. We resolve to fund public educaiton with ongoing funds that will allow us to meet the educational needs of every child.

2. We resolve to treat teachers, suport staff, and school-based administrators with the respect that they desrve and, while we are at it, we resolve to respect the rights of teachers to fair, free, and effective collective bargaining.

3. We resolve to place the needs of all children at the forefront of our consideration of public education (please note, this doesn’t mean that children are an excuse to bash teachers or to winge).

4. Finaly, we resolve to put our words into real actions and to make public education a real learning opportunity for every child.

Happy New Year!

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