Approaching the End of Public Education

Quoted from: Vista. Vista exists to acknowledge the multi-faceted nature of political opinion. We are economically and social left and right, sometimes mixing in the middle, finding common ground in some places and differing in others.

Unions–especially public sector unions–are a stain for advocates of neoliberal globalization efforts to maximize free markets, minimize government social programs and spending, and commodify the commons.

Unions posit that human beings–after a century and a half of human rights advances–deserve basic rights such as the right to collectively organize into unions to negotiate wages and working conditions…which are symbiotically learning conditions for students in the education “industry”.

Unions are dangerous threats to “global competitiveness” and the race to the bottom of wages, social legislation and regulatory efforts to protect people, culture and the environment.

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One thought on “Approaching the End of Public Education

  1. I am a sub
    I believe that all children deserve a decent education, and use reach them and teach them, and dont treat them as children but as people. Everyone in my class is equal but different. a teacher should be in the school to foster knowledge, raise self esteem and fight ignorance.

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