More on Vancovuer’s Dropping Enrollment

From the Vancouver Housing Blog.

The story seems to suggest that the kids are still living here, but not enrolling in kg. I don’t get that – I presume the number of kids would come from a projection of some kind of population model. My first instinct would be to think their model got it wrong, rather than the kids playing truant. Twelve-hundred children did not enroll for school in Vancouver this year and that’s causing a budget shortfall at the VSB. The deficit amounts to around 1.5 million dollars. Ken Denike with the VSB speculates on where the children have gone. He says the hundred dollars that the federal government is handing out to parents of children under 6 could mean they’re waiting until next year to send their kids to kindergarten.

The Vancouver Housing Blog suggests that the missing students can be explained by the ‘bubble effect.” According to the blog the same things has “been happening in bubble zones in the US as formally family neighbourhoods become unaffordable to new families and simply stagnate with existing owners sitting on their over-sized equity.” The author of the blog directs readers to the articles that come up from Ben Jones’s site in this google search.

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