FSA (Again . . .)

Teachers press trustees to join FSA fight – Report Card

Tonight the VSB joint committee I/III recommended to adopt the Van-DPAC position that parents have the right to decide for themselves whether or not our children write the FSA tests. The district will be writing a letter to grade 4 and 7 parents advising them of that position. IN addition there were several related perspectives that will be developed for the board’s consideration early next week and then again on the 19th.

[More to follow on what was said by whom later this week.]

A thought for teachers . . .

A thought for teachers in the new year

“Significant learning and critical thinking inevitably induce an ambivalent mix of felings and emotions, in which anger and confusion are as prominent as pleasure and clarity. The most hallowed rule of business — that the customer is always right — is often pedagogically wrong. Equating good teaching with a widespread feeling among students that you have done what they wanted ignores the dynamics of teaching and prevents significant learning.”

That’s from Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher by Stephen Brookfield.