UBC Schools

Vancouver School Board staff reported on progress to date regarding rebuilding university hill area schools at Tuesday’s committee II meeting (Planning and Facilities). In response to a question about the agreement staff said that there is still no signed project agreement in hand. A question about whether or not the business plan had been submitted to the ministry was apparently deferred or ignored.

More on Broda

Ron Broda is the BCCPAC’s first male president. He is described as a former police office (having served with the Sanich Police Department.) Prior to his election as BCCPAC history there are only a few brief web traces relating to a truck driving accident: cbc news, Vancouver Sun,, the News, Esquimalt.

Prior to his time on the BCCPAC, Broda was the president of the Sanich Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils during the 2005 BC teacher’s strike. He was first appointed to the position in 2003 when then SCPAC president Tim Dunford was appointed by Christy Clark to the Teachers’ College.

News articles dating to the provincial Liberal Parties’ first term in office (2001-2005) occasionally quote Broda on educational matters of the day from a ‘cookie sale’ on the steps of the legislature to his expectation that a teachers’ walkout was imminent in 2005. More recently, as president of the BCCPAC, Broda has spoken out in support of continued standardized testing (see also, news) and the teachers’ registry.

The BCCPAC web site contains a number of documents that might shed some light on the recent ‘stupid me’ email (see also: Steffenhagen post1, post2) sent by BCCPAC president Ron Broda. Though while they shed light the issue remains hard to fathom from outside the inner circle.

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