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UBC/UEL capital project bylaw delayed – News and Media Releases

UBC/UEL capital project bylaw delayed

Vancouver, B.C. – (February 16, 2009) – Vancouver’s Board of Education has delayed passage of the capital project bylaw for new secondary and elementary school facilities within the University Hill Secondary School catchment area pending approval from the Ministry of Education.

The bylaw, which was scheduled to be introduced this evening, would authorize the school district to convert and expand the existing National Research Council (NRC) building for a secondary school and construct a new elementary school on the current site of University Hill Secondary School.

The Vancouver school district has completed and submitted all work required to move the project forward, but is yet to receive approval from the Ministry for the capital project bylaw.

The Vancouver Superintendent of Schools, along with other members of senior staff, is in contact with Ministry officials concerning the delay in this project. Trustees will also be writing to Minister of Education Shirley Bond to request a status update and communicate the urgent need for project approval.

It is the Board’s expectation that the capital project approval process will be expedited by the Ministry so that the capital project bylaw can be brought to an upcoming board meeting.

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U Hill Schools on Pause AGAIN!

U Hill Secondary Parents Advisory Council

Late breaking news – VSB will defer passing capital funding by-law for rebuilding university hill schools by direction of high level Ministry of Education staff.

We need to let our MLA and premier know that we need our schools and we need them now!

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